Degenz Reports
The Heart Project
Putting the art in Heart
Onchain Buccaneers
Pirates that give you alpha, yes please!
Banned from Instagram, loved by the Web3 space
Wolf Game
Wolves do not fear bears or bulls.
Nifty Island
Is this the solution to interoperability we have been looking for?!
Casey Reas
The co-founder of Processing isn't here to play around.
Making Coffee - First Look
Coffee and Crypto, what's not to love?
Is Weebox thinking outside the box when it comes to Web3 anime?
Vinnie Hager
If you like digitally doodled modern mosaics, Vinnie is the artist for you!
Iconic artist in web3 with sharp edges and memes
Cross the Ages
Magic the Gathering in web3??
Matt Kane
Gaze into the incredible work of Matt Kane
Vox Collectibles
Have the team at Gala Games managed to deliver their play-to- earn vision?
Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis - generative pioneer and Art Blocks 'day 0' artist.
Don't know what 'post photography' is? You will do very soon with the help of Fellowship.
Topia (Formerly NFT Worlds)
Can NFT Worlds with their new vision and rebranding 'Topia' become THE Web3 metaverse?
Opepen Edition
An ever changing edition from the genius mind of Jack Butcher, but what final form will it take?
Are you ready to play in the Arbitrum based Smolverse?
DeGods Migration
DeGods are now on ETHEREUM, but was it a smooth transition?
Currently all the rage - but will Satoshi's return be able to last?
Real Vision Collective NFT
Information, information, information - we like the model, we like the team, we like the stonk?
Art, storytelling, fashion and cute aliens...find out all you need before the mint.
NFTs on Bitcoin - here to stay or too late to the party?
Is it possible to create something new and refreshing anymore? Could this be it?
Grails III
Like our favourite TV shows, Grails is back for another season
Faces of Web3
We look at the upcoming mint: iconic art from a collab between RugRadio and Cory Van Lew.
Sewer Pass
Prepare yourself for the upcoming mint from Yuga Labs. The next step in the BAYC ecosystem roadmap. Get all the info you need before the mint.
Psycadelics Anon. Revisited
An update on WTf has happened...
Kanpai Pandas
The first multichain collection - innovation or party trick?
90's Kids
NFT collection inspired by the 90s - Blink182, tamagotchi and N64 - the good ol' days
Forward thinking fashion with embedded NFTs from gmoney
Helix Founder's Pass
Born to late to explore earth, too early to explore the galaxy, just in time to explore another virtual world with another founder pass...
Is it a CloneX? Is it an Azuki... No it's YuGiYn.
More diverse art and artists. Much needed!
Beeple: Politics is Bullshit
Are Beeple editions overlooked in the world of crypto art?
Innovative eco system driving AR in web3
Everyone knows Llama's SPIT when they're mad. But what's the APY?
More anime can only be a good thing....right?
Nike x RTFKT - this is how it's done.
"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."
Sappy Seals
Cute or controversial? Happy seals with a backstory....
Pudgy Penguins
One of the most sensational meme projects of 2021, but are Pudgy Penuins a one-hit wonder?
OG on-chain generative from the GOATs.
Avid Lines, Framergence, & Pulsquares by Arihz
Generative art stalwart. But is there oversupply?
Sneaker Heads
Sneakers as heads...what's not to love?
Is it worth taking the pill?
CryptoSkulls are historically significant, but are the culturally relevant?
The Art of Seasons
A dynamic art collection featuring Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
Murakami Flowers
Learn about Takashi Murakami's pixelated NFT collection.
Imposters Genesis Aliens
Learn about the Imposters ecosystem.
Learn more about Pablo Stanley's animated pfp project.
Fluf World
Psychotic bunnies. We love it.
Dour Darcels
Is the unique artwork enough to propel Dour Darcels to NFT royalty?
Its all about the cubes. Here's ther story of one of the most collaborated artists in the space.
Amber Vittoria
Let's dive into the colourful world of Amber Vittoria
Ninas Super Cool World
Just how cool is this super world?
Reply Guys
Fancy yourself a bit of a Reply Guy, well this is the project for you!
Refik Anadol Revisited
As winds of Yawanawa reach 10ETH, its time you stopped ignorring Refik Anadol
Planting the seeds for a truly exciting metaverse
Doctor and now AI artist sensation, what a resume.
Yue Minjun
Yue Minjun is bringing the heat with fine art PFPs
Champions Arena
Can Gala champion with this game?
Women Unite
Distinctive and vibrant, Women Unite are representing the Rise of Divine Feminine
Prohibition Art
New generative art project from huge names
Groundbreaking generative art on Tezos
DeGods S3
Our third De[genz] report for the Gods; what's Frank up to this time?
Professor Jun
Once you've read, you'll understand the threads
Wreck League
Are they in a league of their own or will they get wrecked?
Is NOW the time to look at this Web3 media company?
The artist behind the iconic 3D glasses.
'Quality is remebered long after the price is forgotten', but is the quality there for their Web3 endeavours?
10KTF - Revisited
Are metaverse clothes still in fashion?
Wasabi Protocol
Wasabi is adding some spice to the space allowing users to short and long NFT options
The Lost Robbies
Arguably the most important crypto art, with an incredible backstory.
The first Metaverse? Pre 721? Historically important?
What are the big video game owners up to in NFTs?
Justin Aversano
More than just Twin Flames - one of web3's biggest artists...
Do the apes truly want to play with robots?
My Pet Hooligan
You'd be mad to not check out the Hooligans!
Ring Runnerz
Is it a marathon or a sprint with Ring Runnerz?
After creating Vine, what has dhof been up to since in the Web3 space?
Take a journey with us through CryptoArte, the 2018 project that beautifully captured the Ethereum blockchain's journey.
Josie Bellini
OG crypto artist and CyberBrokers founder, who exactly is Josie Bellini?
Their artwork is heating up, but just how pixel perfect is Ripcache?
Have LUPPY delivered on their LUck and haPPYness promises?
Matt DesLauriers
Meet Matt, the man behind the incredible Meridains, Subscapes and so much more!
The Kubz are searching for treasure, but have they found it yet?
Are we bullish or bearish? No, we are Nullish
Louis Vuitton - VIA Treasure Trunk
French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton reveal their VIA NFT ecosystem, but is it worth the $40K?
The 140 Collection by Twitter
2 years on, just how relevant is Twitter's NFT project?
Mercedes-Benz NXT
Mercedes meets generative art.
Fingerprints DAO
They say every fingerprint is unique, but just how different is this DAO from others out there?
Ninja DAO
Bringing authentic Japanese art to the world
Ordinals Projects
The best projects to look out for in the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem
Altered State Machine
Can ASM bring life to the metaverse using AI?
Saved Souls
If you like battleing mixed with NFT degeneracy, Saved Souls is for you.
Pudgy World
Is Pudgy World the next Club Penguin or doomed for failure?
Just how well is 'The Community Company' performing in the NFT space?
Emblem Vault
Are antique NFTs much more accepsible with Emblem Vault?
3 is the magic number, 3LAU is the magic of music NFTs.
'Buy Now Keep Later' - can Blur keep its marketshare with its new lending platform Blend?
Star Symphony
What do you get when you fuse anime, storytelling, gaming, and music together? You get Star Symphony.
Treasure Dao / $MAGIC - Revisited
How much magic is there to the Treasure DAO ecosystem?
Everything you need to know about the #1 NFT marketplace on Tezos
At the top of the Solano ecosystem, there's no sight of the Claynosaurz becoming exctinct anytime soon.
Watch out, there's a new player in town for 0xPolygon
GoblinTown Revisited
WHERE DID MY GOBLIN GO?!? What trouble are the Truth Labs team up to this time?
OpenSea Pro
Can OpenSea and their new specialist trading platform regain market dominance?
POAP (Proof Of Attendance Protocol)
'Bookmarks Of Your Life' - with over 6.5Million POAPs issued by the likes of Adidas, Spotify and Budweiser - it's about time to learn what they are!
PFPs that allow you to battle and win ETH, but how long will it last?
Moonbirds Mythics
Will it be 4th times the charm for Moonbirds and Proof?
ALTS by Adidas
Adidas are entering the world of PFPs, but is it worth the hype?
A groundbreaking artist in the NFT space who is just getting started!
Tired of looking for obscure open editions? Look no further...
Refik Anadol
Crypto OG invading the trad art world and malking waves
Edition work from the renowned artist. Bringing his unique style to more frens. FIRST LOOK PRE MINT.
Roo Troop
More cartoon PFPs, albeit with a unique twist...
OG-ultra-high -value-crytpo art. From the top.
Gitcoin NFTs
What was all the hype about? Is it dead already?
OnChainMonkey Revisited
OnChainMonkey continues to evolve - get up to speed with what the team have been up to.
More art, more code, more interview questions
Bright Moments
Artblocks meets geo-minting, meets epic worlwride city tour - what's not to love?
AI art for the the machines take over who will they patronize?
Remembrance of Things Future
First look at this important project with some BIG names
Moonie Moo
An NFT cow from the creator of Bob the Builder...
Wonky Stonks
Random walk art form one of the most followed crypto traders on twitter...up or down?
Other-worldly AI and human co-creation. Symbiosis or destined separation?
Super PUMA
PUMA enters the world of web3...
On1 Force
More anime NFTs.... do we need them!?!
Chronicles of the Inhabited Worlds
Space based anime - WITH LORE
Chrysalism DNA
Insect focussed 3D art - could it FLY?
Strangers HQ
FIRST LOOK at this upcoming "whimsical" travel-focussed PFP collection minting 9th Feb
Checks - VV Edition
They have taken the market by storm but can the game theory sustain the appeal of the art?
More pixelated art - genius innovation or more of the same?
Journey by DreamLab
Generative photography, free mint from Jacob Riglin.
DegenToonz Revisited
Have the team delivered on their buzzword heavy roadmap?
Get all the details you need to be prepared for the upcoming Ether mint. Background, team, process - all in here...
An OG metaverse, but can they retain users? And what was the origin story?
Zed Run
If you're not first, you're last! Horseracing on Ethereum - but are they stayers?
Trump Digital Trading Cards
Will the former President's collection make NFTs great again?
Terraforms by Mathcastles
Moving, living, interactive generative art with some HUGE sales
mOrE wEiRd StUfF fRoM tHe TeAm ThAt BrOuGhT yOu GoBlIn ToWn
Reddit NFTs
The biggest online community onboards NFTs...probablynothing
RTFKT Revisited
Trouble in the metaverse? RTFKT takes a hit...what's next?
Vintage cartoon art with a storyline...
State of the Art by ThankYouX
Groundbreaking art focussed project, but do we need more art?
Iconic. Cute. Pointless?
Consortium Key
Another utility based NFT - but does it go above and beyond?
Gents Croquet Club
Yet another members club? Does GCC offer something different to its competitors?
Can Graycraft claim the #1 spot for mecha-NFTs?
Mutant Garden Seeder
Should you plant these seeds?
More sport based NFt projects - but with huge scale. Can socios dominate?
Wide ranging gamified PFP from Pak. Did it live up to the hype? Does gamification work long term?
Genuine Undead
Amazing pixel art, absent founder. The cult of rug?
Neo Tokyo
The Matrix re-dressed? Blue pill or red pill?
More 2017 vintage NFTs - meoww
Crypto's favourite artist has begun building an entire world!
Rare Pepes
OG meme. OG NFT collection. HARDCORE DANK.
Will Tyler Hobbs become the Da Vinci of generative art?
Could this be the next fidenza...aesthetics are everything?
Jenkins The Valet REVISITED
Creepy 1/1s with diamond holders. But still creepy.
Chimpers Revisited
WTF is the dojo??? We take another look...
NBA Topshot
Selling highlights as NFTs. SLAM DUNK?
Scary art, with limited colour palette. BUT it's front facing...
Merge by Pak
Innovation from one of the biggest crypto artists in the form of a livable and playable open edition
CryptoDickbutts Revisited AGAIN
More volume, more hype - another update from our analysts
PREMINT Collector Pass Revisited
PREMINT promised so much...but did it deliver?
Pudgy Penguins Revisited
Explore the key flips and flops of this cute, (potential) OG collection.
Finally, a truly open, interoperable metaverse?
The deities of Solana NFTs, but can they stay on top?
In NFTs...nobody can hear you scream. Or can they?
Pixelated potatoz from the internet's OG memesite. Excited much?
It's not about the art bro...
The Sandbox Revisited
Virtual worlds have established themselves...but what's next?
Galaxy Fight Club
Cross-IP gaming battles...does it work?
HEY FOOTBALL-HEAD! Can "Nick" enter web3 in style?
The Saudis
Is this the real reason for the oil price spike?
Is this the best NFT platform for football?
The Possessed
Is it innovation or just another PfP with a backstory?
Vintage Japanese film monsters + P2E...
Admit One
Is this gmoney's version of PROOF?
The OG collection, but do you know the full background?
Doodles Revisited
We've become cautious on Doodles following its recent announcemnets - here's why.
Lazy Lions
An OG 2021 project that has survived 2022's bear market. Are Lazy Lions overlooked?
Gutter Cat Gang
Another 2021 OG project that has grown into its own this year. Is it worth being part of "gang gang"?
Another "cute" project or is there something more to Boki?
Boasting names such as Pharrell Williams, can the GODA capture the art utility token market?
The Currency by Damien Hirst
The most prominent foray into NFTs by a traditional artist?
MOAR by Joan Cornella
An artistic pfp project.
Illuvium Land
Explore Illuvium's metaverse land offering.
Will you find your BFF on chain?
Learn about the first ever full on-chain non-generative music collection.
Learn about a creative community offering "crypto-packaged goods".
Chromie Squiggles
Are Chromie Squiggles a "must-own" within the Artblocks complex?
Could smilessss be the Supreme of the metaverse?
ₐₐₐₐₐₐₐᵤᵤᵤᵤᵤGGGₕₕₕₕₕ gₒbbₗᵢₙₛ GₒBₗᵢₙₙₙₙₙₙₙₙₙₛ ₙₒ ₑₑₙₛₜₐgᵣᵤₘ ₙₒ dₑₛcᵤᵣd
Beanz and Azuki Revisited
Did ZAGABOND fuck it up?
Forgotten Runes
Is this web3's answer to dungeons and dragons?
Can the ENS frenzy overtake the internet domain industry?
Okay Bears
Can this Solana sensation battle with Ethereum's greats?
Is there something fishy going on with this project?
Jenkins the Valet
The most innovative BAYC spin-off?
Cool Cats Revisited
A couple of months on, Cooltopia was finally released. How has our view changed since?
Deck of Degeneracy
A gamified approach to NFT airdrops.
Arcade Land
Another land competitor. Does Arcade Land bring a different edge?
Learn about Micah Johnson's highly-anticipated creation.
How far can a few pixels take you?
Premint Collector Pass
Discover the benefits of holding a Premint Collector Pass.
World of Women
Is WOW the leading female NFT project?
What's the hype behind Moonbirds all about?
Learn about one of the strongest rising communities in web3.
EtherRocks were all the range in 2021. Is historical significance alone enough for these NFTs to hold their value?
Fully on-chain by one of the biggest OG artists; what's not to love?
Another Azuki derivative or something more?
Are mfers 2022's cult classic?
Learn about the Universe ecosystem.
NFT Worlds
Could this be the next big metaverse play?
Cool Cats
Do we like the cats?
MG Land
Another metaverse, with more land sales..but does this have something different?
Tommy Wilson
Pro baseball player and top NFT artist, is there anything this guy can't do!?
Nakamigos Revisited
Can the Cloaks protect the Nakamigos from the harsh weather this fall?
Doodles Revisited 2
Dude, the doodles aren't down and out just yet
Is it Boom or Bust for Coinbase's NFT redemption?
Pluto Misfits
Will the project by Pluto Miss the mark or Fit right in?
CryptoDickButts Revisited
What's happened to the CDB floor with season four
The Grapes
Is it ripe or sour for the Animoca backed brand.
Renga Revisited
HAaS an F1 collab managed to rejuvenate Renga?
Pascal Boyart
The man behind the magical murals
Skyborne - Nexian Gems
Will the free mint meta work for NFT game Skyborne Legacy and their genesis collection Nexian Gems?
SoRare Revisited
What has changed since our last report?
The heritage brand famous for the crocodile emblem enters web3 with style!
Des Lucrece
Glitch art with an incredible backstory and a unique style...
Alpha Centauri Kid
Whats the alpha on Alpha Centauri Kid?
WTF are Ethscriptions and can they follow the hype of ordinals?
Ether - First Look
Will Ether make it big in the world of Ethereum?
With world famous artists Damien Hirst, JR and MadC, is Heni able to live up to their name?
Yoshimoto Atlantic Yield Optimization, powerful products delivered at high velocity since 1972.
Mahjong is a game played by 600million people, but can it's WEB3 version earn you big bucks?
Steady Stack Titans
Just how steady is this 'lifestyle brand & tech innovation leader' project
Fancy Nouns + Nouns Revisited
Fancy that, another Nouns derivative, or is there more to it and the entire Nouns ecosystem?
Typical Friends
Something special or just another typical NFT project?
Taproot Wizards Revisited
A community of bitcoin breakers, whether you love or hate them, the wizards are here to stay!
Purrnelopes Country Club
They're not a country club, so what exactly are these cats?
Are the OG crytpoart duo from Italy still able to make waves today?
Cath Simard
Cath Simard, the queen of NFT landscape photography.
Wonderpals, the project pushing past the 'cute PFP' meta.
Nifty Gateway
The platform that arguably started the NFT bull run, but have they achieved their goal of bringing 1 Billion people to the space?
If you love british humour with a side of Sesame Street, Defaced is the artist for you
Lost Realms
The team are putting the Tri in Tribe with three free games being built, but can their first attempt 'Lost Realms' bring them success?
Creating beautifully customised projects for the likes of Matt Furie, KillerAcid, and Jen Stark, Chainsaw are a team worth keeping an eye on!
Seize The Meebs
Love Art... Love Memes... Love Meebits... This is the project for you!
From the creators of Tomb Raider and Dragon Quest, this upcoming mint and blockchain game is certainly on our raidar.
Claire Silver
Claire Silver, a.k.a the Queen of AI.
Elemental Raiders
Can the founder of EA and his new team make it big in the NFT gaming world with Elemental Raiders?
Legends of the Mara - Otherside
LOTM is Otherside's newest development, but have BAYC succeeded in their ambitous metaverse persuits?
Grant Riven Yun
From tallented breakdancer, to qualified medic and now iconic NFT artist, is there anything Grant Riven Yun can't do?
Killer Acid
A crypto OG artist for sure - but how much of the backstory do you know and what comes next?
Taproot Wizards
Bitcoin PFPs with a strong community. But can virality create value?
Animoca Brands launch their grandvision of interoperability, but can it hold everything together?
TWIT-TWOO, the NFT for you?
Nobody has done more for NFTs (?) - but do you know the origin story?
Poolsuite Executive Club
The cool kids of NFTs, backed by sexy 80s vibes and good music.
A recap and look forward before the summoning!!
Bored Ape Yacht Club
How do you define an icon?
The Plague
An NFT project of biblical proportions...or is it?
Brain Drops
More AI art...I for one, welcome our new digital overlords.
Ghost Boy
Casper the Friendly Ghost, meets Supreme, meets NFTs
Savage Nation
More art, more lore - what's not to like!
Another Life by Violetta Zironi
The follow-up to her successful Moonshot collection. The Italian artist comes with a new, original NFT 'album'. Find out all the details before the mint!
Sappy Seals Revisited
Time to revisit what has become a mem powerhouse - arf arf
Porsche NFT
Crashed and burned, but could still be jump started again?
Yoga and digital pixelated 3D animals. A classic combo. Delay leads to more hype? Read on to find out...
Alien Frens
In NFTs nobody can hear you scream...fren
MEMELAND ecosystem continues to expand. Do not underesdtimate the power of memes...
Moving from podcast to collection, will the fanbase follow?
Creepz Revisited
Overlord, creators of Creepz unveiled broad ambitions across a range of industries - so we took another look!
Invisible Friends Revisited
Additional collections, incredible art, but does IF have long term viability?
More fine art focussed project on smaller platforms, but can they breakthrough?
Chimpers Revisited
Does a huge partnership announcement change anything?
say it back...
Art Gobblers
The drama, the chaos and the aftermath...WTF happened with this Paradigm special?
RarePass by SuperRare Labs
Guaranteed airdrops from Coldie, Matt Kane, OSF, Otherworld, Pindar Van Arman, Robness, Sarah Zucker and XCOPY? How can you say no?
PROOF is the most exclusive, expensive club in NFT-town. But is it justified?
The Hashmasks
A blast from the past. Can Hashmasks make a comeback?
oncyber labs
Creating galleries for everyone in the metaverse. "If you build it, they will come." Or will they?
Can Deadfellaz' vibrant community carry it to the land of blue chips?
Is dotSWOOSH from Nike going to bring NFTs to the mainstream or will it flop?
Art inspired rug incoming?
ENS Revisited
ENS volumes and usage has exploded - we take another look
Axie Infinity
The world's most famous P2E - explained.
Gods Unchained
Let there be NFT trading cards and player-owned assets!
Soccer trading cards on the Ethereum Blockchain - but what can you do with them?
Tom Sach's Rocket Factory
Pop culture icon with something important? Or a big kid's toy? To infinity and beyond!
Moonbirds Revisited
Have the birbs lost their mojo? Can fannypacks bring it BACK?
Where My Vans Go
Genuinely amazing story of trauma, strength and redemption. How photography and NFTs can come together to empower.
NFT Worlds Revisited
As we predicted - Minecraft banned NFTs - so will the pivot and search for a new world be successful?
One of the most hyped projects of all time.. but they ended up all looking the same and value has disappeared. Worth another look?
The OG CC0 sensation. Will CrypToadz hold their value in the long run?
Storytelling wolves...for the lore.
Branch out into a universe built around NFTrees.
NFTfi Revisited
A data deep dive into lending protocols using NFTs as collateral.
Learn about Mclaren's entry into the metaverse.
Creature World
Enter the head of Danny Cole and learn more about this unique art project.
Party Degenerates
One of the first projects to specifically target IRL utility; how has it fared so far?
Invisible Friends
One of the most hyped projects of 2022; has Invisible Friends impressed or disappointed?
Wicked Craniums
On OG project from summer 2021. What have the Craniums been up to since then?
Non-Fungible Films
Take a step into the world of film NFTs.
Quantum Key
Enter the world of famed photographer, Justin Aversano.
Women Rise
A colourful female-led pfp project.
Phantom Network
PXN has seen a huge amount of volume since launch, but will the hype remain?
One of the most disruptive projects to come out of 2021.
Flyfish Club
We'll give you a's not just about fly fishing...
Learn how to invest in muisc with Royal.
Solana Monkey Business
Learn more about one of Solana's most successful pixelated projects.
Adam Bomb Squad
Learn about Bobby Hundreds' latest foray into the NFT market.
What does Yuga Labs have in store for Meebits?
TBAC and Chimpers
Timpers, a pixel-art legend, enters the pfp game.
Learn about high-end accessories for your favourite NFT projects.
Psychadelics Anonymous
A unique NFT community; does this project cater to your darker side?
Are CryptoDickButts the most iconomic meme collection in NFTs?
Los Muertos World
Discover the mysterious world of Los Muertos.
Jake the Degen Token
The OG art utility token. What is it and how does it work?
Is Azuki the next BAYC?
A fully functional NFT-based game. Can its retro vibes capture our childoods?
WorldWide Webb
Can 2D land make an impact in the metaverse?
What makes Nike's latest acquisition so special?
Feeling $RARE? - Revisited
With a $20M raise, how much noise is going to make?
Blockchain backed trading cards, tell me more!
Zynga Sugartown
Mobile gaming giant enters web3 - get excited!
Richard Nadler
Rich in talent, it would be foolish to ignore this AI/Generative artist.
The man behind BLeU
Pace Verso
Can this 1960s established gallery keep pace in the NFT market?
Themes and Variations
99 year old artist Vera Molnár proves you're never too old to make it in NFTs
Solana Monke Business Revisited
How's Business been going lately for these Solana Monkes?
Dmitri Cherniak
The artist behind the $6.2M 'The Goose' sale.
Jackson Pollock - Beyond the Edge
Iconic artist, iconic prints, all made digital by the Iconic team.
Sotheby's Metaverse
They've helped sell millions of dollars worth of NFTs, but will their new metaverse platform make waves in the space?
Co-working space in NYC dedicated purely to Web3, what's not to love!
Azuki Elementals
Why did it go so wrong for Azuki and can they redeem themselves?
William Mapan
How has William Mapan mastered the generative art world?
Parallel Alpha
What do you get when you add sci-fi universes with card games. You get Parallel Alpha.
They look impressive, they're highly valued, but what even are these 'NEURAL NET GENERATED PIXEL MONSTERS'?
XCMG - For Real
What are XCMG, the third largest construction equipment manufacturer in the world, even doing in the Web3 space?
You've heard of ordinals, but what exactly are BRC-20s, as well as SRC-20s and BRC-721s
Kjetil Golid
Creator of Archetype and so much more
Is the biggest NFT event of the year worth attending?
Ness Graphics
Ness Graphics, where crypto art meets post-apocalytpic beauty
AI/Generative music, virtual artists, digital collectibles, what's not to love?
Matr1x 2061
PFPs, Gaming, Tokenomics, Metaverse, will Matr1x go big or go home?
Imaginary Ones
It doesn't take much imagination to see why this community is having so much fun!
Have the Merit Circle DAO delivered its promises on creating the Edenhorde world?
Alpha Prestige
Is an AAA quality NFT game finally on the horizon?
Knights of Degen
web3 meets the unstoppable force of lore...
Starbucks Odyssey
Can we get a venti-oat-mocha-cortado-extra-shot-syrup-coldbrew-latte-to-go on the Ethereum blockchain please!?
FLUF World Revisited
We take an updated look at this expansive and detailed ecosystem
A full download on the maestro...his body of work, theimportance & context, and where does it go from here?
Proceed w/ Caution
Fine art editions that really stand out...
Another marketplace with another token, but this time it's different?
Notable Pepes
Rare Pepes coming to Ethereum...feels good man!
Canto NFTs
New chain...
Project Animus
Low on detail, but big on potential. Can RTFKT win back the hearts of the NFT market?
Digidaigaku Dragons
The most hyped free anime mint ever?
Mutant Hounds
Mysterious story telling about demonic dogs for members of BAYC...
Aime meets norse mythology?
The Memes by 6529
Doing it for the memes...the reason we are all here. Can it keep going?
The Legend of CØCKPUNCH™
Famous author, 3D-scam-art, pre-rug...lots to unpack
Bears that kill!!
Not the Tom Hanks film, but playable NFTs more P2E
Async Blueprints
Grail level artists, new approach. What's not to love?
A more human azuki? Do we need it?
An OG project by an OG NFT wizard. What have NFTrees grown into?
1111 by Kevin Abosch
Hard hitting commentary on crypto and art.
Feels good man...The internet's favourite frog, and his friends, by his creator. What more could a collection need?
[ Ledger ] Market Pass
Can the premium hardwallet manufacturer enter the NFT space in style?
Capsule House
Iconic art, but why hasnt it gone blue chip yet?
Just another NFT fan club or could Metaverse fashion really be a thing?
Enter the world of EtherOrcs.
Vayner Sports Pass
Vayner Media's latest project.
Yuga Labs enters the metaverse. Will they succeed, and what exactly is the Otherside? Check out our 12-page report.
Boss Beauties
What makes Boss Beauties a standout female project?
Cold-blooded Creepz...
Meebits Revisited
What have Yuga labs been up to with the Meebits?
We could all do with a little more 2018 minted joy with the current state of the market
The Monument Game
Did Sam Spratt create the best NFT project of 2023?
OG ArtBlocks and so much more
Like their Cameras, 0xdgb is an artist to always keep an eye on.
Grails Season IV
Is it holy grail or fail for PROOF with Season IV?
Is it soar or snore for Etihad's NFTs?
Can Cyberkongz become Cyber Kings?
Sproto Gremlins
Harry Potter, Obama and Sonic. How a meme worthy bag rallied a Web3 community.
Dogs on Solana! Woof! The pack has attracted some notable traders...
Emily Xie
Software engineer turned generative artist, just how important is Emily Xie's work in the NFT space?
Pop Wonder
If you're reading this, you've wondered to the right place with this artist.
Bones by Jarritos
Is it Jarritos or JarritNO for the icnonic Mexican soda brand?
How well has the 2019 AI art collection DeepBlack aged since its creation?
Mad Lads
Can Mad Lads fill the space that Degods left behind?
Milady Maker
Milady Maker - the good, the bad, and the downright ugly
The Secret Project
Its no secret that NateAlex has something special up his sleve
'Now what could Mongoos Coin do to crypto coin' - the team at MONGS NFT inspired by the infamous meme can now answer that questison.
Bryan Brinkman
Not many would drop an Emmy Award winning TV graphic designer career to pursue NFTs, but then again, there aren't many artists like Bryan Brinkman.
Eden Horde
Another horde, another invasion - but what are these guys doing differently?
Mayfair Witches Pass
William Shatner. Enough Said.
The next MFers??? Read on to find out!
Reviewing the iconic ArtBlocks collection. It's beautiful, but where is it headed?
DIVERGE Wearables
High end wearables for CloneX - is it too niche?
A Kid Called Beast
Unique visual appeal and innovation at its core. Beauty or Beast?
Nifty Portal
A community of passionate NFT artists and collectors - but do we need another one?
Beautiful Artblock curated, on a surge higher
Underground Pass
Mysterious alpha group. Reminiscent of Assasin's Creed - hopefully less deadly...
Friendship Bracelets
Co-created by the father of Artblocks and the Chromie Squiggles, could this be the #1 ArtBlocks project of 2022?
Hedz by Matt Furie
More NFTs from Pepe's dad. REEEEEEE!
Street Machine
More anime brandbuilding. Can it stand out on the mean streets of NFTs?
Pixelchain 256
Amazing platform to create pixel art by some of the biggest artists in the space. But do we need more pixel art?
The most famous jeweller in the world, creates wearables exlucsively for punks...ARE WE STILL EARLY?
LinksDAO aims to build a top tier golf club from scratch with NFTs for membership. Will it be a bogey or a birdie?
Is BendDAO the Lehman Brothers of web3?
OnChainMonkey - Monkeys, on-chain.
Curio Cards
One of the oldest NFT projects in existence. Crypto-art trading cards. Collect them all!
Gazers by Matt Kane
Gazers are inspired and coded on with lunar moon?
Can random words become a playable game from the bottom-up?
Arguably Art Blocks' most prolific export. What makes Fidenzas so valuable?
Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak
Are ringers the most mesmerizing Art Blocks creation? Will they ever make it to the MoMa?
An art utility token that lets you collect from a wide range of artists, could this give you the collection diversity you are looking for?
We Are All Going To Die
Another bear market mint; does this one have the legs to survive, or are we all going to die?
Learn how artists can earn from fans using Sound Records.
Borrow against your NFTs...what can go wrong?
It's time to free music.
DeeKay Motion's most accessible project.
Can this stacked team create THE PFP project of Japan?
Sandbox Land
In 2021 we saw the Sandbox's popularity sky-rocket, could this be the number one metaverse gaming platform?
Founded Dapper Labs alumni, what has made Doodles 2022's breakout NFT?